Intro to Cannabis

With Legalization on the horizon and marijuana’s growing acceptance from state to state, there will be a point in your life when you will be at the dispensary and you must decide between an Indica, a Sativa, or a hybrid.

Indica’s grow short and are dense which make them ideal for indoor grows. They mature relatively early in comparison to Sativa plants; once flowering occurs the plant will be fully mature in 6-8 weeks. This is because Indicas have less accessory pigment; this means that the sunlight they receive is used more efficiently than it is in a sativa.

Sativa’s on the other hand are tall thin plants with narrow leaves that are usually a much lighter in color than the leaves of an Indica plant. Once flowering has occurred the plant will be fully mature in 10-16 weeks.

Sativa’s are much higher in THC content, however they’re CBD content levels are relatively low. THC is a psychoactive; psychoactive means the substance will affect your mind and possibly your behavior. The more THC the strain contains, the effects you feel after consumption will be more euphoric. THC is also responsible for the feeling of paranoia or anxiety people feel after consumption.

Indica’s have a higher CBD percentage content than Sativa’s and Hybrids. CBD has properties that make you feel relaxed and free of anxiety. The relaxing effects of Indica are why some people prefer it later in the evening or during the night due to its’ sedative effects. CBD is a non- psychoactive, so there will not be a risible mind altering experience. Strains high in CBD are valued in the medical world due to their sedative/ anti-inflammatory properties.

Indica plus Sativa? The answer is Hybrid. Hybrids are a result of growers mixing the genetics of an Indica plants with the genetics of a Sativa plant. Breeding in such a manner will produce seeds containing characteristics of both an indica and a sativa. Hybrids will grow and mature in accordance to the indica/sativa percentages that they are comprised of. You can think of the effects of a Hybrid as the equilibrium between the effects of an Indica strain and the effects of a Sativa strain.

It is always important to have a general knowledge of what you are putting into your body and how it will affect you. Knowing is half the battle.


Written by: Patrick Thompson

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