Top 5 Blunt Wraps

Top 5 Blunt Wraps (Cigarillos)

Written by: Patrick Thompson


Middleton’s Black & Mild

Price: $1.29


Variety: 4 flavors


At number five we have John Middleton’s Black & Mild cigarillos. Middleton offers you a choice of 4 flavors: Classic, Jazz, Sweets, or Wine. Once you split the rillo your left with a thick paper that’s easy to roll. The thick paper makes Black & Mild a good wrap for beginners/ first time rollers because it makes the blunt less vulnerable to tears and rips. Nonetheless you still need delicate fingers if you wish to perfect the craft. On the down side, the wraps burn faster in relation to the other brands that manufacture cigarillos. To add insult to injury your paying $1.29 for two cigarillos and can only pick from four different flavors, when you could be paying 99 cents for two cigarillos and have the luxury to select from a wide variety of flavors.




Price: .99 cents


Variety: 7 flavors


Coming in at number four we have Zig Zag Cigarillos. Zig Zag offer customers 7 flavors to choose from. Zig Zags are a bit moister than Black & Mild wraps and because of that they may be more difficult to roll. The Zigs 1-up’d Black & Mild because a pack Zig Zags only costs .99 cents and there’s 3 cigarillos in a pack… I’m no burglar, but even I know that’s a steal. In addition there is more flavors to choose from, and they don’t burn as fast.



White owls

white owl

Price: .99 cents


Variety: 6 flavors


White Owls come in at number three. If you are standing at the counter and have absolutely no idea what wrap(s) to get, go with White Owls. White Owl’s don’t dry out as quickly as the other wraps, which always calls for a nice roll. White owls are more difficult to roll because the paper is thinner and the leaf may begin to detach from the paper part. If you have gentle fingers (which you should) this should not be a problem. If you do not have gentle fingers… you need to fix that problem. We ranked White Owls at number three because with all due respect, White Owls are inferior to Swishers.





Price: $4.50-$10 [5 pack] (Varies on location)

$1.25 [single]

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆

Variety: 6


We have backwoods coming in at number 2. Backwoods are not for everybody. There is no paper, just a cigar leaf. Many people have trouble getting the leaf to stick after they roll their blunt. When rolled correctly they let off the most smoke out of all the brands that manufacture cigarillos and they are the best rillo to use if you do not have a cigar wrap and need to fit a decent amount of bud in your wrap for whatever reason; you can easily fit an eighth into a Backwood. Unfortunately Backwoods are fairly expensive, 8 dollars for a pack of 5 is pretty steep. Since they are so expensive they don’t sell as well as other brands do in most areas, which means there’s a great chance that when you go to buy your pack they’ll be dry and cracked. Solution: Order online.



Swisher Sweets

swisher logo

Price: .99 cents

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆(wood grain)

Variety- 10+


Coming in at Number one we have swisher sweets. Swisher offers you a plethora of flavors to choose from, each one is slow burning and tasteful. On top of that Swisher Sweets are the best blunt to roll wood grain style (inside out). It slows the burn by a significant amount and will indefinitely prolong your sessions. Beginners find Swishers difficult to roll with because the paper is thinner and the leaf is known to flake up from time to time when splitting the cigarillo. Swishers are similar to White owls but everything about Swishers is of a higher quality; the leaf, the paper, the flavors. If you have the opportunity always go with Swishers and with over 10 flavors there’s bound to be one that you will like.




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