3 Pieces Every Cannabis Smoker Should Own

3 Pieces Every Cannabis Smoker Should Own


Written by: Patrick Thompson




Some glass from the High Times Smoke Shop in Montreal, Canada

Some glass from the High Times Smoke Shop in Montreal, Canada

We all need to start somewhere; most people start out with a bowl as their first piece. A bowl is a simple; it consists of an open bowl with a carb hole. The open bowl is used to hold herbs; the carb is used to control airflow. Connected to the bowl is a stem which the smoke travels through, and a mouthpiece which delivers the smoke to the user. Bowls come in a wide variety of styles and shapes; made of materials like glass, metal, ceramic, wood, etc. Bowls are essential for cannabis users because they are a clean, easy, quick way to smoke cannabis. They are usually made natural materials like hand blown glass,, so when using a bowl you are not inhaling as many harmful byproducts in your smoke as you would with a blunt or joint. Bowls are efficient because if you are in a hurry it is much less time consuming to pack a bowl than it is to roll a joint and then smoke it. The bottom line is that everyone should keep a bowl in their arsenal; you never know when it will come in handy.






A bong is like the big gun in your collection. Bongs originated in the eastern part of the world. One of the first known uses of the word comes from a 1944 Thai-English Dictionary. The Thai word “Baung” references a cylindrical pipe like device made of bamboo, which was used to smoke cannabis and hashish. Every bong consist of a chamber that holds water, a down stem that brings the smoke down to the water, and a mouthpiece for inhalation. The water in the chamber serves as filtration, filtering out tars and unwanted plant matter while cooling the temperature of the smoke. Bongs are the big guns because you are inhaling a significantly higher volume of smoke per hit in a short period of time, which is why the effects from a bong are much stronger than the effects from other pieces. A high quality bong could easily run you a couple thousand dollars, and there is many add on’s you can purchase such as coils, filters, and percs to enhance your smoking experience.



 Portable Vaporizer


We covered efficiency. We covered the big gun that shouldn’t leave the house too often (if ever). But what about a stealthy piece you can take out in public without drawing attention to yourself? This is where vaporizers come in. Vapes are usually battery powered and come in many different styles from many different manufacturers. All vaporizers have a chamber where the herb is placed, a stem to transport the vapor, and a mouthpiece where the user receives the vapor. Vaporizers heat the herb to a temperature that is not hot enough for combustion. Instead the set temperature of the vape will heat up just enough to release the cannabinoids in your herb. When vaping you take in 95% of the cannabinoids in your herb in each hit. That is an astonishing 83 % increase from the 12% cannabinoid intake that a user receives when combusting cannabis. Most vapes are designed with stealth in mind. They are low odor and small in size, which make vaporizers the perfect piece to use when out in public.


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