Quick Tips To Determine The Quality Of Your Cannabis

Written by: Jesse Rosa

Edited by: Patrick Thompson

Every avid cannabis consumer wants to ensure that they are getting the best possible medicine. Over the years I have seen and smelled some terrible tree. You should make sure that you are getting good cannabis instead of the low-grade nonsense.

Here are a few of the best ways to determine the quality of cannabis:

Color– Brown colors are a bad signs.

Stickiness-When you break it up and it sticks to your finger then you know you picked up some potent medicine. The stickier the bud, the better the weed will be. If the buds are cured correctly they should be sticky.

Smell-. If you can smell it while it is inside the bag then chances are the bud is high quality. Good weed has a very distinct aroma; a potent smell. Low quality cannabis will have a weak, or even no smell and resemble mulch chips from the playground.

Sugar Leaves– the sugar leaves can be compared to the fluff you use to reach your 1,000-word requirement on your college essay: they are superfluous.

Crystals– Pay attention to the trichomes on the medicine itself, they are the clear little bristles that you see on the bud. The more trichomes present, the more potent the cannabis.

Smoke- Of course that absolute best way is to smoke it. Never judge a book by its cover because some cannabis is stronger than it looks or vice versa.

You can categorize cannabis quality into three grades; low, mid and high. Let’s take a look.

 Low quality


               picture via google images

Also called schwag or dirt is at the bottom of the barrel barrel. The brown color and faint smell will make any smoker depressed. It is a shame that this stuff is even grown.

Smoking this can potentially harm your health. From possible mold to dead bugs, this is something that you do not want in your system. It may be unhealthy for you but to make matters worse it is low quality medicine. They contains a mixture of stems, seeds and who knows what.

“Middle” Quality

picture via google images

               picture via google images

Debating between whether the marijuana is mid grade or reggie is like debating if 3 week expired milk is better than 3 month expired milk—either way they are both garbage. Mids contains significant amounts of seeds and stems. It is cheap compared to high quality; however mids are not as potent as medical grade.

High Quality

picture via OpenStrain

  picture via OpenStrain

Medical, Chronic, Dank, Loud are all synonyms for high-grade medicine. The smell is substantially stronger. After breaking up the buds you will notice the sticky residue left over your hands and grinder. The THC % is drastically higher than low and middle grade. Low contains between 1-5%, mid 5-10% and high will start at 10% and can top out around 25-30%. The most common THC % for high grade is said to be around 15-20%.

Personally, I want the best quality medicine that I can get. Pay close attention to what you are buying and inspect the medicine. In my opinion it isn’t worth it to go for the cheapest product you can get—I mean why even bother if the medicine is not effective?


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