Your Candidates, Their Stance: Part 2- Donald Trump

Your Candidates, Their Stance: Part 2- Donald Trump

By: J

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Hey family, it’s J again, delivering another rundown on the political stances in 2016’s deep Republican National Committee (RNC).


Last week we reviewed the first major debate; Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina all weighed in on a potentially historic debate on the legality of cannabis. However, there is one candidate that we have not talked about yet: Donald Trump.


Donald Trump

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 Verdict: Pro medical legalization/states rights

Ah, the oft talked about, consistently polarized business mogul, Mr. Donald Trump. Facing criticism from the political elite and the mainstream media, Trump has finessed his way to the top of the polls- a surprising push from a political outsider. Trump does not have the voting history of senators, however, analysis of his past and some recent developments may prove promising for marijuana legalization.

In yesterday’s season premiere of 60 minutes, Trump expertly answered the pressing of Scott Pelley. Around the 15:10 mark, Donald responds to the question “What personal hardships have defined your character?” with an anecdote about his brother, Fred, who unfortunately died of alcoholism. Trump passed Fred’s message: to not consume any type of drugs or substances, to his kids. In fact, in his book, The America We Deserve, the prolific businessman revealed he has never touched any drug, including alcohol and coffee. Although personal tragedy may affect his personal discipline, his views for the nation are another matter.

In the April, 13 1990 issue of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Trump’s view was to legalize all drugs in order to stop the flow of funding to drug kingpins. However, this somewhat extreme notion has been updated. In 2015’s Conservative Political Action Committee, Trump stated that he does not support full legalization. He stated, “I think it’s a bad thing”, and that “they’ve got a lot of problems going on right now in Colorado”.

Immediately after his response, he stated, “medical marijuana is another thing”, and in regards to states rights, “if they vote for it, they vote for it, but I think medical marijuana, 100 percent”.


Although Trump may be inflammatory to some voters on a few issues, Trump seems to stand on the right side of the marijuana legalization debate. If states execute legislation on their own matters, it could gradually result in the legalization of marijuana on the federal level.


The state-by-state method may prove to be more efficient, we would be able to observe pros and cons of each states policy. But it all depends on if the right legislation is in place and the public is aware of all facets and ramifications of proposed law. That is why it is important to do your job as voters!

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