A Common Misconception

Written by: Shawn Omara

Edited by: Patrick Thompon

Over the last few decades society has taken a liking to a common misconception: if you smoke marijuana you are destined to become a lazy, unsuccessful, forgetful and stupid. You can thank Richard Nixon and The War on Drugs for giving society that idea. However, this stereotype is beginning to fade as legalization sprawls across the states.

A study at the University of London determined students who were 15 years of age and smoked marijuana, but used no other substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs, had no discernible effect on their IQ.

The study also found that heavy users were more likely to see a drop in their overall performance on an IQ test.

If you are ever at a point where marijuana affects school, work, relationships, or quality of life then I suggest you put the bong down for a bit and get your life together.

Moderation is key. You must maintain a balance between work and play in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Moderation is a theme that should applied everywhere in your life, not just for cannabis use. You cannot abuse alcohol every night or eat McDonalds three times a day without expecting serious repercussions.

Just because there are no physically addictive properties in marijuana does not mean users are immune to becoming mentally addicted. You can’t expect to be successful if you’re habitually stoned all day.

Be a user, not an abuser.

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