What is Hashish?


Written by: Patrick Thompson


If you were asked to define hashish would you be able to? A lot of people are familiar with hash but have no idea what it is.

When trichomes are compressed hash is created. Trichomes can be extracted through solvents to create hash also. After the hash is extracted with a solvent, it is purged to filter out any impurities that remain. Hash contains the same cannabinoids as marijuana but in higher concentrations than dry herb. Good hash will contain little-to-no plant matter.

Pressed Hash is usually solid, however, different methods of creation will yield different consistencies. Hash can also vary in color; higher quality hash will be see-through/lighter in color. The darker the color the more solvent/ plant material remains in the final product.

How is Hashish smoked?

Bits of hash can be placed into a joint with dried herb or hash can be mixed into a bowl pack. Another method is the hot knife method. Two knives are heated and then a hash ball is placed in between the hot knives, the hash melts and smoke is let off. The smoke can be inhaled through your mouth or nose, using a straw to inhale is common also.


Hashish is also valued in the medical world for being pure (not containing plant matter) and containing a higher percentage of cannabinoids than dry herb. Because hashish contains a higher percentage of cannabinoids, the effects of the medicine are stronger and patients will experience more pain alleviation.

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