Magic Flight Launch Box: UFO Review

Written by: William Blizzard II.

edited by: Patrick Thompson

The Magic Flight products have proven their worth in my collection of vaporizing accouterments and the UFO didn’t fail to impress. The San Diego-based company has changed the game of vaporization over the past years and really hit it big with this product. The mobility, ease-of-use, and the fact that all you need is a cylindrical container and some kind of liquid, is what really won me over with the Magic Flight UFO. If you need something to talk about or break the ice, just whip out your UFO, it’s bound to turn some heads and generate some WTFs.

I know what you’re thinking, Sean. You can’t possibly be telling me that this little wooden saucer can get me high. Family, if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that this little wooden saucer will get you higher than you knew would be possible. When used properly, this 4-inch bamboo disk has sent some of my friends on full-fledged space expeditions, only to be found back at the space station an hour later waiting for round 2. The fact of the matter is yes, the Magic Flight UFO can certainly get you medicated.


How’s the Taste?

I have never tasted a vapor as refined and delicious as the MFLB’s so I was super excited to test it out with my new Magic Flight accessory. The UFO permits creativity from the base up; it is usable with a multitude of containers and allows the user to control the size and temperature of their tokes.

The UFO packs one hell of a punch– a punch I definitely didn’t see coming. Seriously guys, if you were to tell me I would pass out (Zzz) 30 minutes into the session then I would’ve laughed. But, after about 4 hits of some Dutch Treat (H), I was out of commission. For the next two hours I was in a sleepy, trance-like state, slumped in chair, occasionally glancing at the album playing on my screen (VaporWave). After the last exhale of the session I knew I had to get to bed. While effects may vary for all users, I’ve always been one to succumb to the pure and refined sedative effects of vaporizing.

Using the UFO

The UFO operates up to the expectations that I had set for the Magic Flight product.  The vapor’s journey from Launch Box to glass chamber is seamless, no medicine is lost along the way.  The only problem I experienced with the UFO is that the UFO can come out of place, disrupting the airflow and obstructing your hit.  My solution: wrap a few rubber bands around the UFO and the base of your container, ensuring a snug seal and no loss of cannabinoids.

Mobility also plays a big role in picking out the right smoking/vaporizing accessories and the UFO has all bases covered in that field.  You won’t have to worry about carrying around fragile glass pieces and the UFO can take a few scrapes here and there.


If you’re looking for a cheap and powerful upgrade to your Magic Flight arsenal, you should consider the UFO.  You can’t go wrong with a $33 piece of hardware that allows for on the go, water-filtered vaporization.  While some may argue that the Magic Flight Orbiter is superior, I like to stand by the fact that the UFO does the same job, but better!  With the UFO you can fine tune your hits by playing around with whatever liquid you decide to use in your container.  The lightweight UFO rig allows for easy customization, granting the user the ability to control the temperature of their water and not have to worry about a clunky setup like the Orbiter’s.

How to vaporize like a pro!

    Now, with every new gadget comes a bit of a learning curve. Lucky for you, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that will hopefully allow you to get the most out of your UFO.

If you haven’t gotten down the sip-and-turn draw technique then now is the time to learn. I’ve tried a few different draw styles but it’s evident that the sip-and-turn method produces the most desired effects and the best flavor. You begin heating your herb, wait for vapor buildup/signs of condensation on the roof of your MFLB and then begin taking small sips in 3-4 second intervals, lessening the interval length as the hit persists. The key here is to ‘turn’ (shake) your pack every few seconds as you draw to ensure that the herb is evenly heated. This method not only enables you to take longer/cooler hits but it also allows you to get the most out of the pack.

Pros Cons



-Smoother/Cool Hits

 -Not Discreet

-Clunky Setup (the whips)

-Requires a power adapter for extended sessions (2 batteries just isn’t enough)


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