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 Pure Oil Without Purging

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The Rosin Technique is a game changer in the world of cannabis extractions.  If you don’t have the machinery to produce shatter like they do in laboratory’s then the Rosin Technique is for you.  This new technique produces solvent-less extract using only household appliances.  Let’s dive deeper into the world of Rosin Tech and learn how to make some of our own!

What Is It?

Rosin Tech is a cutting-edge (yet amazingly simple) method of cannabinoid extraction.  The extraction process involves pressing nugs of cannabis between parchment paper with a heat press to extract the valuable cannabinoids.

“Rosin” yield depends upon 4 things:

  • Temperature
  • Amount of Time Pressed
  • Amount of Force Applied
  • Size/Weight of nug(s)

How Does It Work?

Rosin Tech  takes advantage of two key points, heat and pressure.  The combination of heat and pressure imposed on a bud causes the trichomes to melt and collect on the parchment paper, leaving you with a wax-like product.  The acquired resin is considered “pure” by many cannabis extraction experts  and here’s why:

  1.  There is no unwanted plant matter in the product since the combustion temperature for cannabis is 932-1292 °F and the press is getting nowhere near that level of heat.
  2. Unlike solvent-extracted oils and waxes, there were no solvents blasted into the cannabis to separate the cannabinoids from the plant matter.  Thus, there are no solvents in the final product.  Rosin Tech insures that you are free of inhaling secondary solvents left over from a faulty purge.

Make Your Own


  • Cannabis
  • Parchment Paper
  • Heated-Press (Hair Straightener)


  1. Place a thumb sized nug on a piece of parchment paper, folding the parchment paper so that the nug is enclosed.
  2. Turn on your heated press and wait for it to reach the optimal temperature* of 325 °F
  3. Once the press reaches 325 °F, place the enclosed nug in between the press.  If you don’t own a press that has temperature settings, you can check the temperature of your press by using a laser temp-gun.
  4. Once you’re ready, apply as much force as possible on the press until you hear a sizzle (roughly 3 seconds).  After you hear the sizzle, wait .2 – .5 seconds to relieve the press.
  5. Check for rosin!  There should be an oily looking resin around where the bud was placed.  Scrape it up and enjoy dabbing it!

*The optimal temperature varies based upon how much pressure is applied on the press and for how long.  Most people opt to press their nugs for 3 seconds at 325 °F.  With that being said,  feel free to experiment with other temps. and times, who knows what you’ll end up with!

But wait, what do you do about this stamped out bud!?  The awesome part about Rosin Tech is that you get the most out of your herb.  While the Rosin’d bud may not be the most potent in all the land, it can still be vaporized or smoked like any other of your fine greens.  The pressed bud won’t be as potent or as tasty as a fresh nug but it still has some medicinal value to it!


  • Quick and Simple Process
  • Solvent-less Product
  • Relatively Safe Extraction Process
  • Using Rosin Tech on lesser-grade hash has the potential to purify the hash, separating the desired cannabinoids from solvent.


  • Rosin has been reported to yield product with THC contents around 10%-33% when performed with amateur equipment such as a hair straightener, significantly less than most solvent extracts.

Rosin Tech is a cheap, efficient method for producing solvent-free extracts.  All you need is a hair straightener and some of the devil’s lettuce and you can be making your own rosin in no time.

-Brad Coyle

-Edited By: Pat Thompson

Why Are Edibles So Strong

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Have you ever eaten a brownie and entered another dimension? Everyone will tell you how much stronger the high from eating an edible will be opposed to the high of smoking cannabis.


Edibles are found in two forms the first form being hard candies and tinctures, which enter your bloodstream sublingually. This means the cannabinoids you consume will directly enter your bloodstream through the tissues inside of your mouth.

The second form being Baked goods and solid foods, which enter your bloodstream gastro-intestinally.


When THC enters your body gastro-intestinally; your liver must first metabolize the cannabis. During the metabolization process delta-9 THC gets converted into 11-hydroxy- THC. 11-Hydroxy-THC passes the blood brain barrier faster than 9-THC; this is why the high feels more euphoric than that of a smoking high. When you smoke or vaporize cannabis you evade the metabolization process that occurs in your liver.


However, smoking remains the method that delivers the highest concentration of THC in the shortest period of time. This is why after smoking you will feel the effects within 5-10 minutes.


Edibles on the other hand don’t reach your blood plasma until 60-120 minutes after ingestion. There are many variables that account for how long the high will remain. But the effects of ingesting are known to last 6-10 hours.


Most people will say edibles hit harder than Barry Bonds, but it all depends on the potency of the edible. It is recommended that newcomers take it slow and start with a 10 mg dosage. If that is not sufficient you are to increase the dosage by small increments. It is important to keep in mind that it takes much longer to feel the effects from an edible and after you start feeling the effects they are much stronger than the effects you feel from smoking.
Edibles are a great method of consumption for recreational and medical users alike. That being said you should always know what you are getting into when you eat an edible. Before consuming you should always remember Colorado’s mantra regarding edibles, “ Start low, and take it slow.” It takes our bodies a much longer time to metabolize marijuana and once metabolized the effects are more potent. If you consume a larger serving then you can handle, there is a great chance you will be couch locked for the rest of the day.


Always read labels and know the serving size that you will be ingesting. When cooking edibles at home always use a cannabis calculator. The calculator will tell you the exact amount of THC in each serving. After crunching your numbers, your homemade edibles should be neither too weak nor too strong; leaving you with the perfect dosage per serving. The perfect dosage will inevitably lead to a pleasant experience with edibles.


Check out Whaxy’s cannabis calculator here.

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